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Omega Industrial was founded in 1983.

We are a Mexican company dedicated to the production of light metal containers in different shapes and designs. Our products are for domestic, decorative and promotional use. In Omega Industrial we've perfected different finishes for our products, such as hot-dipped, galvanized, die-cutting, painted, full-wrap, embossed among others. We count with four product lines to satisfy our national and international customers. 


  1. All our practices are ruled by the principles and guidelines of a socially responsible company.

  2. May our products contribute to the preservation of the environment.

  3. Our customers are our main priority. 

  4. We know there is no easy way. Hard work and integrity are our foundation.

  5. We firmly believe in the constant improvement of our company in all areas, from our human talent up to our production processes.

  6. We're family business, our results are personal.

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